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Postcards from the Lido

Come and see us on our UK Tour !

The Lido Ladies are going on tour visiting a Lido near you!

We will be travelling the length and breadth of the country so do come and join us for a swim.

See all the Lidos we've visited

Click on the photographs to see what we got up to!

Next Stop!

 Where - Charlton Lido & LifeStyle Club                    London SE18 4LX                       

 When - 10-12 September 2021
 Why we're visiting this lido.....
We are in training for SWIMATHON 2021 when we will be swimming The Triple 5K 10-12 September at Charlton Lido - the  home of The Lido Ladies!! We have a fundraising target of £1,500.

 Where - Hilsea Lido, Portsmouth

 When - Friday 9 July 2021
 Why we're visiting this lido.....
The Ladies are taking a lunch time dip in this iconic Lido.  Opened in 1935, Hilsea is a 67m long unheated pool.  Along with Broomhill Pool in Ipswich, it is 15ft deep, making it one of the two deepest outdoor pools in Britain. The Ladies are looking forward to diving in!
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