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About Us


Jessica is a creative designer and entrepreneur.  A family tragedy left her suffering from chronic anxiety.  Along with many other people, she relies on swimming to manage her mental health.  The Lido is an oasis of calm in a busy world.

Lido Ladies and Lidos

The Lido Ladies were born on Instagram in 2020 during the first UK lockdown when Lidos were closed to the public.  We created a Lido fantasy world that embraced the retro glamour and La Dolce Vita vibe of the golden years of Lidos. 

There were 169 Lidos built in the UK during the 1930’s.  Some have been saved.  The restorations have taken passion, tenacity and money.  Let us take you on an adventure and a dip in an outdoor pool.  You’ll be surprised what you discover as you experience the romance of La Dolce Vita era and the joy of British waters!


Nicola had spent many years living behind a corporate desk and her joints had begun to creak.   After decades away from the pool, she now finds swimming is great for her overall wellbeing, stamina and mobility . . . and getting into her clothes.

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